Don’t lose 30-40% of your profit to taxes

Take advantage of a 1031 Exchange! An IRS process allowing you to save 30-40% in taxes on the profits from your sale.

Invest the profits from your upcoming property sale tax free!

Why Choose Exchangeable?

Exchangeable is your one stop shop for 1031 exchange products. We ensure that your sales profits are protected against IRS capital gains taxes. We have perfected the 1031 process for you, ensuring a simple and safe exchange. The security protocols that we have in place will guarantee that your money will be safe in your exchange account. Your funds are held with our fiduciary partner who follow a proprietary process to send outgoing wires under multiple advanced security measures. Knowledge, Trust, and Efficiency is what you will experience with Exchangeable, LLC.

Invest Smart

We love an empowered and educated seller/investor. We’ve gathered a set of tools and resources to help do just that. Click any of the tabs below to learn more.

What is an Exchange?

When you sell your property, your profits will be taxed. The 1031 Exchange is an IRS process that gives you the opportunity to save 30-40% in the taxed amount! It is imperative to hire a qualified 1031 Accommodator (that's what we do) to ensure all protocols are followed correctly.

How does this work?

Different strokes for different folks. There are a few types of 1031 exchanges to choose from and will depend on your personal situation. A consultation with one of our attorney- trained professionals is the first step!

Types of Exchanges:

The three types of 1031 exchanges to choose from are: Standard, Reverse and Improvement. Read about the differences in each exchange to see which one is the best for you.



Michael Velasco

Principal and Founder

Michael Velasco is the founder and Qualified Intermediary for Exchangeable, LLC, with extensive expertise in Standard, Reverse, and Improvement exchanges. With a 20-year career in tax and real estate, Michael has also founded and owned a Scottsdale-based accounting firm, giving him deep knowledge of tax codes, depreciation, and entity structures. His diverse background includes property management, legal expert witness testimony, property rehabilitation, flipping projects, contract for deed and alternative financing, and significant experience with short sales and REO properties for major banks such as Fannie Mae, Countrywide, Bank of America, and Chase.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Management from Colorado Christian University and is a proud member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. Residing in Old Town Scottsdale, Michael enjoys playing guitar, working out, and volunteering with Impact Church.


Joe Rivas 

Sales Executive

Joe Rivas is excited to be joining the Exchangeable team and serving the great State of Arizona. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate space, he takes pride in building strong relationships within his community, educating clients on service utilization, and providing ongoing support throughout their experiences. His success stems from his commitment to always prioritizing his clients’ best interests. Joe looks forward to extending this level of support to new clients throughout their 1031 exchange process at Exchangeable. ​


Your Options


Sell FIRST and buy SECOND with the Standard 1031 Exchange. To make this Exchange successful, you must reinvest all of your cash equity from the sale of your home into a new investment property that is equal or greater value of the sales price of the property just sold. A couple things to note about this one- The first is this exchange needs to be set up before you close on the sale of your property. Secondly, you will have to identify possible reinvestment properties within 45 days AND complete the reinvestment within 180 days in total.


BUY first and SELL second with the Reverse 1031 Exchange. This exchange follows the Standard Exchange reinvestment guidelines and timelines EXCEPT it starts with the purchase of your replacement property instead of the sale of your current property. Since you are buying your replacement property first, this clears the need for you to identify a property within 45 days. If you are needing a loan for your new property, the Reverse Exchange can create some challenges- that’s why it’s important to speak to a specialist who can help you identify the best Exchange for you, ahead of time!

Improvement Exchanges

This is a great option if you plan on your new property needing improvements. The value of the improvements can be counted directly toward your exchange. For example, if you sell a property for $200,000 and buy a $180,000 property in exchange, you can spend $20,000 on improvements and the exchange will be complete based on the total acquisition cost adding up to $200,000.

Choose Your Plan

Standard Exchange

$ 1,195
  • Most popular plan
  • Sell first, and buy second, with a Standard 1031 Exchange

Reverse Exchange

$ 8,495
  • Buy first, and sell second, in a Reverse 1031 Exchange.

Improvement Exchange

$ 8,495
  • Improve the property you purchase with exchange funds in an Improvement 1031 Exchange

Exchangeable is your one stop shop for 1031 exchange products.

We make sure that your sales profits will be yours to keep, rather than losing them to taxes. We have perfected our 1031 exchange process to ensure it is secure and trustworthy for our clients! The security protocols we’ve put into place will ensure that your money will be safe in your exchange account. It’s simple and protected. We open an isolated account with our fiduciary partner for your specific exchange and follow a proprietary process to send outgoing wires that is more secure than industry standards. Knowledge, Trustworthy, and Efficient is what you will experience with Exchangeable.